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Sarah's Blog

This week as your guest blogger while Barrie is on annual leave, I’ve been reflecting on technology. A third of people looking at this blog online will do so on a smartphone or tablet, and most of the information I’ve received while acting on Barrie’s behalf has been via mobile phone...


Website developments has recently migrated to a new web server. This hopefully means faster page load times and a more responsive experience for our users! We have a number of other development plans up our sleeve that we hope to roll out later this autumn. Stay tuned!


Budget 2014: Government announces cap on welfare spending

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne made his Budget announcements this week and billed it as the 'budget to help those who work hard and for pensioners who had worked hard.'


Topical Stories

Inspiring Independence

The Disabilities Trust's Annual Review for 2012-13 has been published. This year's Annual Review seeks to highlight Independence and underlines our determination to enable all those we support to live their lives as they wish. The stories of achievement are truly inspirational.

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Assistive Technology Appeal

The ability to use assistive technology for communications has been life-changing for some of our service users. A variety of devices have already give individuals a voice and a way to live a more fulfilled, integrated and independent life, with choice. We are therefore launching an appeal to raise money for new assistive technology devices for all of our Disability Lifestyles services in the UK. Our aim is to provide a full range of assistive technology devices, including eye trackers for each of our six Disability Lifestyles services across England. This is a big task, so, we are launching our appeal and you can help us on the road to making a difference.

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