autistic male service user with  support worker in Hamilton Lodge's IT suite

The Disabilities Trust is committed to person-centred planning. Our Autism Spectrum Partners services focus on a holistic approach and are fundamental elements in the ethos and philosophy of our ervices. In practice, this means that every service user is recognised as a unique individual and has an opportunity to explore their strengths and skills in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Service users have the opportunity to contribute to their own person centred goals and their aspirations are included in plans and reviews.

Benefits of the person centred approach

For the person

  • Having more control over their life
  • To be listened to and valued
  • Having their rights recognised and supported
  • Developing confidence, skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Having support to try new things
  • Having access to a support network when needed

For family and friends

  • Being valued and listened to
  • Being in partnership with professionals
  • Knowing the person they care about is valued
  • Being part of a strong support network

For professionals / staff

  • Increasing understanding of the person, their needs and aspirations
  • Working in partnership with the person, their family and friends
  • Learning from the person, their family and friends
  • Having their skills and knowledge put to good use
  • Being part of a strong support network

For the community

  • Embracing diversity
  • Supporting and welcoming people
  • Resources in the community becoming more accessible to people
  • Listening to what people want
  • Increasing awareness of support needs