The houses are designed to meet the specific needs of the people living in them through person centred support plans and care packages. Person centred planning enables individuals to live their lives in the way they want, supporting and encouraging independence through the development of life skills. They are supported by a range of staff, both on site and off, including a specialist placement manager.

Community houses aim to:

  • Provide a structured environment for people with autism or Asperger syndrome
  • Increase opportunities for service users to become active citizens in their community and to facilitate their inclusion into society
  • Support service users through person centred planning, promoting independence, equality and rights
  • Support and promote individuals’ health and well being through effective care and person centred planning
  • Support service users to maintain and develop their social and communication skills and work to meet their emotional and psychological needs
  • Support service users to take an active role in the running of their home
  • Support service users to take part in social, leisure and educational activities and where appropriate seek employment
  • Provide support for people with a learning disability


A novel idea from Michael

autistic Male service user sitting at a typewriter in The Maples Michael, from a community house for people with autism in Welby Road, Reading, has recently had his third book published. ‘Natures Revenge’ is a story of nature’s survival when faced against the brutality of man.

Getting creative at community house Beech Hill

corporate team help decorate the interior of BeechHill From painting walls to building much smaller ones, service users at community house Beech Hill have been getting crafty and creative and working together as a team.

Service users acheive qualification

Two service users displaying their qualification certififates Service users Barry Dobson and Ben Stanford from Buckinghamshire community houses have both been working through the opportunities to achieve programme and gained entry level QCF’s in household skills including food hygiene.

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