service users sitting in the lounge area of West Heath House

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is an internationally-respected provider of specialist neurobehavioural rehabilitation with over 20 years of expertise.

The Trust was one of the UK's first independent providers to deliver integrated rehabilitation services to people with acquired brain injury (ABI).

BIRT's approach combines the best evidence-based, scientific methods of training and changing behaviour along with an understanding of the exact nature of brain injury and a philosophy of community based rehabilitation.

Real life settings

We focus on rehabilitation carried out in real life settings, such as going to the shops, travelling on public transport or going to work placements. This method has proved more successful than concentrating on doing exercises in a rehabilitation centre.

We help our service users to overcome their problems in a constructive and rewarding way. This means giving as much support as they need, to encourage and motivate them to achieve success. Support is gradually reduced, so they becomes increasingly independent.

All of our centres are in ordinary residential areas, close to local amenities and with good links to public transport. Service users are taught strategies to help them compensate for their difficulties. For example, memory deficits can be successfully overcome by routine and appropriate use of strategies.

Specific goals are agreed, depending on each individual's needs. We carefully document the person's progress and if their rehabilitation is not achieving the desired results, we can tailor the programme to ensure greater success.

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