To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) we are launching our Build The Bigger Picture campaign running for the next 10 weeks. BIRT have been ‘Changing lives for 25 years’ and since last May we have been celebrating in various ways, including our Silver Book, an anniversary luncheon, and a ’25 miles for 25 years challenge’ across our services.

Our new campaign highlights key milestones from the last 25 years, as well as the incredible work that goes on every day in our services. We have helped many people achieve their full potential, live independently and rebuild their lives as fully as possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy watching our puzzle being completed as we #BuildTheBiggerPicture!

We are proud to be one of the very few specialist brain injury providers who publish its outcomes. Read our latest Outcome Report to find out how 80% of people discharged from BIRT in 2016 moved on to transitional, supported or independent living, along with many more highlights from the year.

You may remember Amanda who featured in the BBC Two Louis Theroux documentary, A Different Brain, along with her husband Rob and two sons. Their story touched many of those who watched the programme as they tried to adapt to life following her brain injury. Read more about Amanda's story so far and stay tuned for a 'year on' update on those featured.

October saw us launch our enhanced BIRT website, including a new online referral form. It is totally secure and will speed up the process if you want to refer someone for brain injury rehabilitation at one of our services, saving your precious time.

In 2014 we proudly introduced the world to our 'Show Your Brain Some Love' campaign and much loved mascot, Birt. Birt teaches you how to help keep your brain healthy with his six top tips about protection, nutrition, learning, exercise, mindfulness and awareness. We #LoveBIRT and hope you will too.

Jay has made incredible progress since he joined the Trust, having previously been in a nursing home where he struggled to engage with rehabilitation. At Osman House Jay has regained some of his independence, improved his mobility and reduce his aggressive behaviour. He is also engaging with social integration groups as part of his aim to return home to family life.

Our neurorebehavioural approach allows us to focus on rehabilitation carried out in real life settings, such as going to the shops, travelling on public transport or going to work placements. We carefully document the person's progress and if their rehabilitation is not achieving the desired results, we can tailor the programme to ensure greater success.

BIRT were delighted to have been at the heart of the Louis Theroux documentary: 'A Different Brain' for BBC Two, aired in May 2015. The documentary is about brain injury and the rehabilitation journey, showing how people and their families come to terms with this life-changing condition. Stay tuned for a 'One Year On' update from some of the stars of the show coming this May.

Read more about how the specialist skills, knowledge and training of the staff at Daniel Yorath House, his physiotherapist and Byron’s commitment to the consistent use of the SaeboFlex kit, have transformed Byron’s life and enabled him to enjoy being fully independent.

Our Ten Top Tips show how we meet NHS commissioning guidance for local rehabilitation services. See how choosing the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust means you will comply with the new guidelines.

Watch Dr Ivan Pitman, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, share what he thinks the differences between working for BIRT and the NHS are: “I was afforded the opportunity to be a little more innovative… there’s always the opportunity to put forward fresh ideas.”