The Guide to Living has been highly commended by the British Medical Association for meeting the needs of patients through the production and dissemination of accessible, well designed and clinically balanced information.

We have also received some wonderful feedback from people who have received copies of the Guide.

"The format is so important to provide ease of reading and not to present as a daunting task. Overall the literature is very helpful and provides practical information." Gillian, Grimsby

The BIRT Guide to Living - for adults with brain injury is a comprehensive and easy to use publication for people with brain injury, their families, carers and professionals working with them. Produced by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT), free copies are available from BIRT services across the UK, as well as from our seminars and conferences, or via post by sending us an A4 padded SAE and £2.50 for postage.

Ann Buckler, Director of BIRT said: “The BIRT Guide to Living is the first comprehensive guide of its kind. Written by BIRT’s clinicians, therapists and experts in brain injury, BIRT's Guide is designed to offer support, practical advice and helpful information to those living with - or affected by - brain injury, and a copy will be given to all our service users and their families. Our hope is that, through our extensive networks, we can get the Guide into the hands of people with brain injury and their families, and that it will become a trusted source of information to them and professionals supporting them.”

"I found your book a good read it let's people know what lies ahead and it gives people hope. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for sending us the book to look through.” Sandra, Telford

Front cover to the BIRT Guide to Living

Chapters include:

  • Brain injury causes and effects
  • Family life
  • Communication
  • Technology for brain injury
  • Leisure
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Personal relationships and sex
  • Alcohol and substance use
  • Money and capacity
  • Legal advice and welfare benefits

How to claim your BIRT Guide to Living

Copies are available from BIRT services and at events where we are exhibiting.

As someone who has worked with people who have had a brain injury, I have found the guide to be extremely informative for my own knowledge. Additionally I really like how each section is clearly displayed and is accompanied by a quote from a person who I assume has lived experience of a brain injury.” Nikki, Glasgow

You can also send an A4 padded self-addressed envelope with postage to the value of £2.50 to: Guide to Living Requests:

c/o Hayley Briddon, The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, 3 Westgate Court, Silkwood Park, Wakefield, WF5 9TJ. Please note this offer is only available for postage within the United Kingdom.

Watch our short video about brain injury

Thank you very much indeed for sending me this book, which arrived today. My dear wife and I will read this, and I will try to learn and understand. She is suffering much more than me, even although it’s me who has the brain injury. I have two appointments, one with a consultant neurologist, and another with a neuropsychologist. I will take your book to both appointments and show them.“ Stephen, Gloucester

This publication has been made possible through a generous bequest from the late Gary John Winters

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