The BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery (BMIPB), published in September 2009, is a revision and extension of the Adult Memory and Information Processing Battery (AMIPB).

The BMIPB is a collection of memory and speed tests which builds on the success of the AMIPB but includes a number of revisions and extra features.

The tests enable clinical neuropsychologists to measure how much a brain injury is affecting someone's memory and information processing. This vital information is then used to plan individual rehabilitation programmes and to chart the person's recovery.

The BMIPB has been created by Professor Michael Oddy, Director of Clinical Services for BIRT, in collaboration with Dr Tony Coughlan (the originator of the AMIPB) and Professor John Crawford, an expert in test construction from the University of Aberdeen.

Many existing memory tests have only one or two forms so that, if the clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist wishes to reassess a person on a number of occasions, they will have to repeat the tests using exactly the same materials. Repeating a memory test several times means people are likely to get higher scores simply because they become familiar with the material. The test results could imply that memory has improved when it has not done so.

The BMIPB therefore has four parallel (equivalent but different) forms so that a person can be assessed validly on up to four occasions. This is also important where a progressive condition such as Alzheimer's is suspected, in order to chart any deterioration in memory or speed of thinking.

The BMIPB includes two tests of recognition memory. Practice effects have been built in to the norms and there are computer programmes to calculate regression-based continuous norms and to measure change over re-assessments using previous scores as predictors. It has also been completely recalibrated on a group of 300 healthy adults ranging in age from 16 to 89.

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