We are now offering new options at Thomas Edward Mitton House to add even greater value to our specialist accredited services. These options help us to meet the changing needs of people who require brain injury rehabilitation and also those who commission our services.

Shorter assessments

We currently operate a 12 week assessment period and are now offering a shorter assessment of 6 weeks*. Our neurobehavioural assessment focuses on behaviour, cognition and mobility. We have an interdisciplinary team which is led by a consultant in neuropsychology and rehabilitation and includes psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists. A team of rehabilitation support workers with specialist brain injury training provide 24 hour support alongside the clinical team.

Who are shorter assessments for? stone stack resize.jpg

This is for individuals who have already had their needs largely identified by an NHS service or other provider. We are also happy to consider shorter assessments for others who may be suitable, on a case by case basis*. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What are the benefits of shorter assessments

Completing assessment earlier means effective sign-posting to rehabilitation pathways can begin sooner. Rehabilitation can start earlier and for many individuals it can mean returning to a more independent living environment and/or home. BIRT's outcome studies show that earlier intervention through rehabilitation can improve service user outcomes. Ultimately this can also reduce costs overall.

*Suitability for shorter assessments is subject to pre-admission assessment by the Thomas Edward Mitton House team

Five days a week service

To meet the needs of individuals with brain injury and their families, we are now offering our specialist rehabilitation service at either our main centre or one of near reach houses for five days a week, rather than the usual full week. There may be a case for reducing fees in these instances - each case is treated and costed individually, dependent upon the needs of the service user and funding body.

Five days a week - cost effective rehabilitation

Attending rehabilitation five days a week enables the individual to access all the facilities as they would attending the service on a full time basis, with the opportunity to go home to stay with family at the weekend, enabling a balance to be struck between rehabilitation and family life. This type of rehabilitation programme can be a compromise for those who are reluctant to participate in residential rehabilitation and enables both families and service users benefit from family contact and support, a crucial part of the rehabilitation process.

During the period of rehabilitation the service user works on their agreed goals within an individual treatment programme. This may include individual or group educational and therapy sessions, behavioural management, personal, social and domestic skills training, support to structure leisure time, community access and vocational training and support.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

*Suitability for the five day a week service is subject to pre-admission assessment by the Thomas Edward Mitton House team.