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    Rehabilitation is effective and saves care services money in the long-term

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    Automated voice prompts improve learning

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    Behaviour in social situations may change after brain injury

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    Making houses that help with rehabilitation and support


    Participants needed for memory study

Latest news

Lecturer from the University of Surrey visits Kerwin Court

female support worker going through paperwork with male service user in the therapy rooms of York House landscape Dr Hannah Thompson introduced some of the most recent conceptualisations of how knowledge is organised at the May edition of the continuing professional development session in Kerwin Court.

Research spotlight revamp

researchspotlight_banner.jpg Come and explore our new look Research Spotlight! The pages have been expanded and expounded upon and now feature a wealth of information and best practice. An invaluable resource!

Behind the scenes…

BIRT 2015 Lo-Res-141.jpg Here is a preview of the research themes that will be addressed by our keynote speakers at the BIRT Conference 2017. The conference is on 27th - 28th September at the Hilton City Hotel, Glasgow.

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About Research

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is committed to seeking new and imaginative solutions to meet the needs of our service users and research is an important part of this process. Our clinicians and research staff regularly engage in audit and service evaluation activities, and work in close collaboration with graduate, post-graduate students and academic and research institutions in a range of projects. For more information.

This spotlight will provide an overview of our innovative service delivery and treatment, share our knowledge, and capture everyone's imagination in order to make the outcomes of neurobehavioural rehabilitation ever better. Our research mainly focuses on the following:

Participants needed

We are looking for people to take part in our memory and information processing battery test which lasts for around 60 minutes. You will be paid £10 for your time. Sound interesting?

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