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Will Smith’s new film ‘Concussion’ is released later this month. The film stars Smith as a forensic pathologist investigating neurological damage suffered by professional American football players as a result of repeated blows to the head.

BIRT’s information on concussion and its links to sport is available online. BIRT clinicians will be reviewing the film in the next few weeks from a clinical perspective.

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The Trust has submitted written evidence to the Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into the causes of homelessness. Evidence submitted to the Committee cited research conducted by the Disabilities Trust Foundation in 2014 in Glasgow, which found a higher prevalence of traumatic brain injury amongst the homeless population than in the general Glasgow population.

The submission referenced the Trust’s Brain Injury Screening Index (BISI), an 11 question screening tool to help identify an individual’s history of brain injury and indicate severity. Details were also provided of the Linkworker scheme developed by the Foundation to support the development of life skills, anger management and substance dependency in vulnerable people with a brain injury. Copies of the Trust’s submitted evidence are available on request.