Why we use your personal information

We use your data for the following purposes: -

  • To acknowledge and thank you for your offer of support; unless no acknowledgement is required, or insufficient contact details have been provided;
  • To send you information on Volunteering, Match Funding and Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities;
  • To provide you with further information about how to take part in an event, visit a service or how the Trust can become your Charity of the Year;
  • To process funds that your company has raised;
  • To identify if you or your company have registered with the Fundraising Preference Service, Corporate Telephone Preference Service, Telephone Preference Service and/or have notified the Trust that you do not wish to be contacted and/or receive direct marketing information regarding our services and activities;
  • Unless we have identified (or been made aware) you do not wish to receive marketing information, as per above – to contact you directly in the future regarding our services, future fundraising or publicity campaigns and/or events (i.e. via postal and electronic marketing);
  • To send you newsletters regarding the Trust’s activities.
  • To create publicity materials to promote the Trust’s activities – for inclusion on/in our or other website(s), social media, press articles and/or case studies);
  • For use in our internal publications such as Managers Bulletin and dtFocus;
  • For financial reporting;
  • For external use such as Annual Review.

How we obtain your personal information and the types of personal information we may obtain

Your personal information is collected via our Partners, Just Giving or Virgin Money or directly given by you.

We process the following types of personal information in relation to you - e.g. (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Name of contact
  • Email of contact
  • Job title of contact
  • Social Media links
  • Logos
  • Banking Information
  • Medical information (e.g. for marathons)
  • Cause you would like to support
  • Event/support giving

Our legal basis for using your personal information

The processing of your personal information is based upon the lawful basis of:

  • Legitimate Interests - For the purpose(s) of acknowledging and thank you for your support, sending you a registration form and associated information, providing you with further information in relation to your leaving a gift in your will and processing payments you have made to the Trust.
  • Explicit consent (referred to in the GDPR Article 9(2) (a)- For the purpose(s) of processing your special category data (e.g. health)
  • Consent- For the purpose of contacting you in relation to future fundraising campaigns, events and/or sending newsletters and inclusion of your information on our or other website(s), social media, press articles and/or case studies (in which case we will always obtain your fully informed, freely given, consent (i.e. we will obtain your permission).
  • Legal Obligation - For cases where you may have objected to marketing, we also have a legal obligation to hold some personal data, albeit limited, in order to ensure no more marketing is sent to you.

If you are 16 or Under

We are committed to protecting the privacy of children aged 16 or under. If you are aged 16 or under and we process your data on the legal basis of Consent (i.e. your permission), we will ensure we obtain your parent/guardian's Consent beforehand whenever you or other parties, provide us with your personal information.

Who we may share your personal information with

We may share your information with: -

  • The Trust’s Technology Providers, who support our day to day operations;
  • Our Marketing Partners – e.g.: -
    • Marketing Automation Partners;
    • Social Media;
    • Event Organisations - to register you for an event;
    • Mailing Houses - to provide you with information regarding our services and/or future events (i.e. via telephone, postal and electronic marketing);
    • Design Agencies - so we can create publicity materials to promote the Trust’s activities; however, this is only where we have obtained your fully informed, freely given, consent).

The transfer of your personal information to a Country or International Organisation outside of the European Union

We intend to transfer personal information outside of the European Union, to some of our Technology and/or Marketing Partners.

These transfers occur on the basis of the protection provided by the EU-US Privacy Shield.

How long we keep hold of your data

We retain the personal information processed by us, only for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose for which it was collected (including as required by applicable law or regulation). In the absence of specific legal, regulatory or contractual requirements, our baseline retention period for your personal information and other documentary created is 2 years after your support was given (or in the case of gifting in a Will – 2 years after settlement). OurRecords Retention Policysets out how long records should be retained.

Automated Decision Making & Profiling

We do not make any decisions in relation to your personal information, solely by automated means without any human involvement (e.g we do not conduct automated decision making).

Neither do we conduct any automated processing of personal information to evaluate certain things about you (e.g. we do not conduct profiling).