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The BIRT guide to living - for adults with brain injury is a comprehensive and easy to use publication for people with brain injury, their families, carers and professionals working with them. FREE copies are now available from BIRT services across the UK and at our seminars and conferences, or via post.

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The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust Brochure
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BIRTie Summer 2017
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BIRTie Spring 2017
BIRTie Autumn 2016 thumb

BIRTie Autumn 2016
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BIRTie Winter 2015 / 16
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BIRTie Summer 2015
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BIRTie Autumn 2015
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BIRTie Spring 2015

BIRTie special

Occupational therapy in focus

Outcome and research reports

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Download the Outcome Report 2017
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Outcome and research report 2016
BIRT Outcome Report 2015 thumbnail image

Download the Outcome Report 2015
BIRT Outcome Report 2014 thumbnail image

Outcome and research report 2014
BIRT Outcome Report 2013 thumbnail image

Outcome and research report 2013
BIRT Outcome Report 2012 thumbnail image

Download the outcome report 2012
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Research Briefing September 2013
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Changing Lives - 25 Years of BIRT

Service leaflets

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1101 Bristol Road
Daniel Yorath House leaflet thumbnail image

Daniel Yorath House
Fen House leaflet thumbnail image

Fen House
Kent House leaflet thumbnail image

Kent House
Kerwin Court leaflet thumbnail image

Kerwin Court
Osman House Leaflet thumbnail image

Osman House
Redford Court leaflet thumbnail image

Redford Court
TEM House leaflet thumbnail image

Thomas Edward Mitton House
West Heath House leaflet thumbnail image

West Heath House
Llanelli Dual Language English thumbnail image

Ty Aberdafen (English)
Llanelli Dual Language English thumbnail image

Ty Aberdafen (Welsh)
The Woodmill leaflet thumbnail image

The Woodmill
York House leaflet thumbnail image

York House

Other leaflets

Work For Us Leaflet thumbnail image

Work For Us