Michael Elia loves story-telling. He has been writing novels for over twenty years, with four of his fantasy thrillers being published, and his fifth to be published shortly.

Michael is a service user at one of our community services. Here, in his own words, he discusses his books.

"My name is Michael Elia. I have autism, but this has not undermined my ability to write nine gripping novels.

I was born in Southampton in 1968 and have lived in rented accommodation for twenty-one years. I was educated at Eynsham's Bartholomew School, and later did different courses at college. I have done charity jobs which I have enjoyed, and I like hospital dramas, American cop shows and science fiction films.

Being an author is very satisfying and rewarding, and I enjoy using my imagination. I create original plots and new themes in the genre of fantasy. I have been writing novels since 1996. If young adults and children are planning to write books, they will gain enormous satisfaction, and there is no stress or pressure involved.

Four of my novels have been published, and I am publishing a fifth novel, Claws of Fear. The two fantasy thrillers I will discuss areNature's Revenge and Fear of the Unknown.

Michael - Novels.jpg

Nature's Revenge is about two gangs of deadly herbivores and predators who are pursued by ruthless gangs of poachers. There is tension and danger throughout the novel, and this fantasy thriller for teenagers and adults is also quite gritty when it brings in subtle psychology about what makes the animals tick.

Fear of the Unknown is another fantasy thriller which is about animal phobias and how different cultures view dangerous animals. It is honest and truthful about animals being unpredictable and deadly to humans, without being a constant threat. Fear of what can be dangerous is universal, but phobias can be overcome with enough willpower.

Thank you for reading this article. People can buy my books from Rowanvale Books in Cardiff, Wales or order them on Amazon and Kindle. Two other thrillers I published are A Trio of Cartels and Web of Crime, which can also be bought on Amazon or Kindle."