Mark, a service user from Reading, was recently featured due to his efforts whilst volunteering with Age UK, serving up teas and coffees at their coffee mornings. Age UK have been so pleased with his enthusiasm and dedication that they have asked for him to become an official volunteer, and the hope now is to progress his involvement further with their weekly lunch club as well. This is brilliant news and a wonderful boost for his confidence!

Service users Ebenezer and Thomas, from Maidenhead, took an interest in the great work associated with Children in Need, after asking Support Worker, Karla, what the charity was all about. They immediately wanted to get involved in various fundraising activities, and put money towards the charity by buying Children in Need pens, stickers and cakes. Well done for doing your bit!

While all that was going on, service users Joannah, Corinne, and Jennifer, along with their three Support Workers from Reading, recently took a trip into London. They visited the Houses of Parliament and took a ride on a Thames River Cruise, which they enjoyed so much that they plan on visiting the city again soon.

Verity also from Reading, visited the Tate Modern to pursue her interest in art; the trip included travelling by train and having lunch in a cafe; all of which bolstered her confidence and enjoyment of the day.

Another group of service users from Reading visited Coventry Cathedral and Shane invited his mother to join the expedition. All had a great time looking around the Cathedral and in particular liked the enormous stained glass. Shane’s late Granddad was a letter cutter and sculptor, and is actually known for his masterpiece, “Tablets of the Words”, that he carved there.

Jonathan went on a one-to-one assisted trip to Tower Bridge, which was of huge interest to him, with his keyworker, brother and his wife. He thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and thought nothing of walking across the glass which is at the top of the Tower; and actually enjoyed the experience.