corporate team help decorate the interior of BeechHill

Rollers out at Beech Hill

Service users at ASP Community House Beech Hill in Haywards Heath have been getting into the DIY spirit and painting the service’s rooms.

“After helping to get the room ready service users Mark, Michael, Catherine and TF all put in a great effort to get the work done and were all really pleased with the end result” said Rachel Priestley, Community Houses Manager.

"At the end of the goal Mark asked if they could do some other rooms as he really enjoyed helping. Michael said he liked decorating with music. TF said I need a shower now! Catherine said she really liked the colour they had chosen."

*Service user’s names have been abbreviated to keep identity safe.

From painting a house to building one

Service user Mark, who has also been busy with his hobby making a dolls house, has been supported by staff at the service. He has shown an interest in collecting dolls houses and furniture, which he looks for when he goes on his regular town trip and outings.

After returning from one of his unsuccessful dolls house hunting trips, Mark remarked that they were all too expensive for him to buy to his support worker Simon Kerr. Simon knowing of Mark’s enjoyment of his other hobbies which include arts & crafts and woodwork offered to help Mark focus on a project where he would design and build his very own dolls house.

Mark was delighted with the suggestion and set to work with support from Simon, designing and making a small template and model of the house he would like to build. Mark then made full size templates for the walls and floors of his house and then bought all of the materials he needed complete his project.

“Mark worked very hard on his dolls house, choosing to work on it even at times when he would normally be relaxing watching television. He is so pleased with the finished house he has put it on display at Beech Hill so anyone who visits can see how well his project has worked out” said Rachel Priestley.