Find out about how Heathermount has helped individuals with autism reach their full potential.

Luke's story

Luke spends two days a week working at local stables and hopes to go to the local agricultural college.

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Nathan's story

16 year old Nathan has helped build a new kiosk at Broomhall Recreation Ground as part of his work experience.

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Jake's story

Jake has many sensory issues, so a special programme was devised for him to help him get back into education.

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Thomas' story

When Thomas started at Heathermount there were numerous activities at the school that he disliked that he now enjoys.

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Luke J's story

Luke experienced difficulties when he was attending a mainstream school but has made enormous progress since being here.

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Apprenticeship opportunities

Apprenticeship opportunities have enabled students to have a transitional route from the school environment at Heathermount.

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At Heathermount all students are helped to become independent, confident young adults who are able to leave school and enter the world of further education or employment. No student has left Heathermount and become a government statistic for Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). All have either progressed to colleges of further education or into the world of work.

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