Find out about how Heathermount has helped individuals with autism reach their full potential.

  • Luke spends two days a week working at local stables. He hopes to go to the local agricultural college to do a formal qualification in horse care. Read Luke's story.
  • Sixteen year old Nathan has helped build a new kiosk at Broomhall Recreation Ground as part of his work experience at Sunningdale Parish Council. Read Nathan's story.
  • Jake has many sensory issues, so a special programme was devised for him to help him get back into education. Since the start of 2013 Jake is making tremendous progress. Read Jake's story.
  • Luke J started in September 2008 having experienced times when he has found it very difficult to attend a mainstream school. Luke has made enormous progress since being at Heathermount. Read Luke's story.
  • When Thomas started at Heathermount School as a student in 2002 there were numerous activities at the school that he disliked such as singing, dancing and yoga. Read Thomas's story.
  • In March 2013 a group of 10 students from Heathermount School met up with a further 12 from neighbouring Charters School and embarked on a trip to Tirabad, an activity centre near Llangammarch Wells, in the stunning mid-Wales countryside. Read their story.