Jake has been at Heathermount since September 2011. He had previously experienced difficulties in attending school and so had missed a significant amount of education. Jake has many sensory issues, so a special programme was devised for him to help him get back into education. This involved staff in planning a curriculum for him which begins an hour before the formal start of the school day and presents Jake with a range of activities which enable him to re-acquaint himself with the physical fabric of the school.

Jake arrives at school each day an hour before other students arrive. He begins his day doing physical activities and tasks which take him around the school site. He is given physical tasks which he enjoys, such as leaf blowing. How well he does his tasks is assessed and will lead to a formal vocational qualification. Jake enjoys this time of the day as he is given a lot of one-to-one personal contact time. He is beginning to establish relationships with staff other than his class teacher and so develop his social communication skills. By 09.00 he is ready to begin formal learning and joins his class.

Jake is making tremendous progress. Since the start of 2013 he has been able to stay in school for a whole day and leave by taxi at half past three with the other students. It has taken over a year of careful planning, preparation and support for Jake to reach this milestone. Now for the first time in his educational journey, he is able to attend school full time and every day. Jake is able to see for himself the success he has achieved and continues to move forward. We are very proud of him and his achievements.

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