On the 18th February, Heathermount School were visited by a group of volunteers from CISCO Systems who planned to tackle some of their outdoor projects. The team spent the best part of the day painting the very long perimeter fence which was in need of some attention.

CISCO have volunteered a number of times for The Disabilities Trust and will be coming back to the school during the next school holidays to begin work on the school’s gardens.

Martin Hardy, Partner Account Manager from CISCO said “CISCO are passionate about their people and experience tells us that these hours spent outside of the normal day to day are the moments that matter to our employees. Giving back is an important part of our culture and as a new team in the last six months, the event at Heathermount was not only fun but we also left as a closer team with the knowledge of a job well done. The staff were a delight and kept us topped up with tea throughout the day. Everybody felt that the day had been a tremendous success and are asking when the next one is.” Headteacher Ruth Bovill said:

The perimeter fence was badly in need of cleaning and painting which is a huge job of work. Thanks to the wonderful work of the volunteers from CISCO the fence is beginning to look fabulous which has a positive effect on the wider community.

At Heathermount all students are helped to become independent, confident young adults who are able to leave school and enter the world of further education or employment. No student has left Heathermount and become a government statistic for Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). All have either progressed to colleges of further education or into the world of work.

Our person centred approach is critical to the success of every one of our students, and there is a strong commitment to a positive and progressive school experience. The key to success for students lies within our capacity to individualise the learning experience around the young person's strengths and autistic needs.

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