As part of the World Autism Awareness Week, held between the 27th March to 2nd April, Heathermount School arranged several activities to take place in the school and within the local community. These activities included; students working in Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons on ‘What is Autism for Me?’, Easter egg painting competition and displays in the local Barclays Bank and in Maloney’s Budgens store of Ascot.

Three former students, James, Joseph and Daniel, visited the school and held an assembly on their lives outside Heathermount to the older students recounting how they were supported by the school after they left. Ben Robinson, Deputy Headmaster, said:

The objective of the community displays is to develop an understanding of autism within the community, as well as sharing information on how Heathermount School can benefit their pupils.

At Heathermount all students are helped to become independent, confident young adults who are able to leave school and enter the world of further education or employment. No student has left Heathermount and become a government statistic for Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). All have either progressed to colleges of further education or into the world of work.

Our person centred approach is critical to the success of every one of our students, and there is a strong commitment to a positive and progressive school experience. The key to success for students lies within our capacity to individualise the learning experience around the young person's strengths and autistic needs.

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