In the recently published Ofsted report, Heathermount School, in Sunningdale, was judged to be ‘Good’ and was praised for its “Strong leadership by the Headteacher, ably supported by other leaders, Governors and The Disabilities Trust”.

The report continues to note that the school “has successfully improved provision and outcomes for students since the previous inspection” and that teaching was deemed to be “good and sometimes outstanding”. This has led to all students acquiring accreditation results, including GCSEs, which means that most students go on to study in the sixth form or attend college. Progress in English and mathematics is particularly good.

Ofsted also noted that “Parents are very pleased with the school and the vast majority would recommend it to others”. Students are also happy: “Students show how much they value the school by their exceptionally high levels of attendance”. Ruth Bovill, Headteacher, expressed the school team’s feelings:

This is the beginning of a very exciting new era for Heathermount. Having been recognised as a ‘Good school’ by Ofsted will ensure that we will attract many young people who will be able to have the educational opportunities they so richly deserve

Anna Headley, Director of Autism Spectrum Partners is delighted with the school’s achievement: “Everybody at the Trust is immensely proud and pleased with the Ofsted report. It reflects the hard work Ruth and her team have put into Heathermount over the last couple of years. They have transformed the service into what it is today; supporting children with complex needs to meet the many challenges that they face, whilst helping them develop their true potential”.

You can view the Ofsted report here.

At Heathermount all students are helped to become independent, confident young adults who are able to leave school and enter the world of further education or employment. No student has left Heathermount and become a government statistic for Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). All have either progressed to colleges of further education or into the world of work.

Our person centred approach is critical to the success of every one of our students, and there is a strong commitment to a positive and progressive school experience. The key to success for students lies within our capacity to individualise the learning experience around the young person's strengths and autistic needs.

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