The information on this page is designed for social and health care professionals. The Disabilities Trust's autism services support people with autism to live independent and fulfilled lives. We offer individually tailored support aimed at best meeting the individual needs of service users to achieve their full potential.

Our focus at Hollyrood is to highlight and further support 'ability' where there may be disability. We promote the individual's right to privacy, respect, choice and inclusion and encourage people to express their views and concerns through regular liaison with their families, carers and our multi disciplinary team.


Our detailed autism services assessment is designed by experts to determine the level of support needed by each individual. We use a combination of methods to accurately assess each individual's needs including collating reports from professionals, meeting with the client and their family and talking to previous service providers.

A team then provides a detailed assessment of each individual's autism profile, behaviour and support needs. This informs the needs-driven support plan for the individual's move to one of our Autism services.

Life skills and promoting independence

We place a high value on promoting life skills and independence among its service users who are encouraged to take an active part in organising events and activities.All service users enjoy access to a broad range of developmental activities and life skills including sports, crafts, music, arts and IT.

Community inclusion is a priority, and service users are encouraged to visit local shops and leisure amenities on a regular basis.

Positive behaviour support planning

When a person moves into Hollyrood, their unique autism profile is explored in depth. By focussing on social interaction, communication, flexibility of thought and sensory issues, we can evaluate the impact of autism on daily functioning and offer strategies to support this.

Our standards

Our autism services have developed a person centred approach based on seven guiding principles:

  • Quality is not compromised
  • Best value is considered in all service provision
  • Individuality and diversity are valued and celebrated
  • People using our services are at the centre of all that we do
  • Commitment to continuous improvement drives all plans and activities
  • Outcomes are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic, with timely targets
  • There is a commitment to the belief that people using our service can achieve their full potential