Can you speak French? Perhaps you’ve got sewing machine skills, or are handy with a bit of woodwork?

Our autism services in West Sussex are looking for people to give a small amount of their time to support service users with their interests and and hobbies.

A gentleman who lives at the service has French parents, and enjoys practising and communicating with other French speakers – he and his family are keen for him to continue with this and keep up his language skills. We’re looking for a French speaker to come in to the service on a weekly basis to chat with the service user and help him retain and improve his French.

Some of our talented service users have recently taken up sewing, and have been working to create all manner of items – if you’re talented with a sewing machine, we’d love you to visit the service once a week to lead sewing sessions and help service users develop their skills even further.

If sewing’s not your bag, how about woodwork? We’ve been given a generous gift of a set of tools and our service users have already made all kinds of creations. We’re looking for someone to help them improve and develop their woodwork skills even further in weekly sessions.

If you’ve got the skills to help our service users engage with their hobbies, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Hayley at fundraising@thedtgroup.org or on 01444 237 286 for more information or an informal chat about the opportunities.