Cat Hogan, Senior Learning Coordinator at Hollyrood recently gave a talk to Lindfield’s URC Fellowship group about autism and the work the team at Hollyrood does.

Secretary of the Fellowship, Pat Philips (second from the left) asked Cat to come and give a talk to her group as the Hollyrood site was once an old convent and many of the Fellowship members who are long-time residents of Lindfield remember the nuns who were there before the Trust bought the site in 1999. Cat said: "The ladies and gentlemen of the Fellowship were all very interested in the subject and said they had learned a lot about autism that they could take home and share with their families."

Raising the awareness of autism and how it affects our service users is an important part of the work we do. The more we can educate community groups the better they understand our services users.

"Starting the conversation about autism is the hard part but once you do people are genuinely interested and have questions they want answered, often about members of their families and possible strategies for support.”

The Fellowship had a collection after the talk and raised an incredibly generous £100 for the learning centre at Hollyrood.

Hollyrood is a residential and day centre providing services for people with autism, and is run through The Disabilities Trust's Autism services. Hollyrood provides support and accommodation for 25 adults, aged over 18, who have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, or have autistic tendencies. We also support individuals with behaviours that might challenge alternative services and those with epilepsy.

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