On May 4th, 45 volunteers from Cisco Systems went to The Maples to offer their assistance with gardening and painting fences. The volunteers cleared and tidied the large field next to the service and painted all the perimeter fencing and the fencing around the service users’ bungalows.

Incredibly Cisco will also donate a further £2,000 to the service meaning more landscaping can be undertaken in the grounds of the service, giving the service users more space to use.Katherine Harries, Business Administrator said:

Cisco did a fantastic job getting the area cleared. They worked really hard and we really appreciate their time and the £2,000 donation.

The Maples is a centre for the support and development of people with autism. We provide accommodation and support for adults, aged 18+, who are on the autism spectrum or show behaviours that indicate autism. We also support people with epilepsy, and individuals with complex needs who might challenge alternative services. Staff are trained to help service users achieve their aspirations and enjoy a high quality of life, and we respect each person's right to individual choice, dignity, independence and fulfilment.

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