Service user glass blowing excursion

A service user decided that he would like to attend a one-to-one glass blowing lesson in Minehead for his yearly holiday treat.

The glass blowing lesson taught him how to gather, form and blow hot glass from the furnace. Impressively he made ten different glass ornaments for him to keep. He thoroughly enjoyed the event and eagerly awaits his creations being delivered.

Service Manager at The Maples, Vicky Pace said “It’s great to see our service users pursuing their interests and I am delighted that there are so many places for them to go. You can’t underestimate how much enjoyment our service users have and we are currently planning more events for them”.

Trip to Blackpool

Service users from The Maples enjoyed a mini break at The Bond Hotel in Blackpool as part of their yearly holiday plan. The Bond Hotel is a venue exclusively designed for people with disabilities making it an ideal place for them to stay.

Numerous day trips were planned and enjoyed, ranging from a visit to the Blackpool Aquarium to riding trams along the seafront.

Support Workers Peter Ojambo and Roy Mwai accompanied the service users on the trip. Peter said “Although it was a little on the chilly side the service users really enjoyed the holiday. They really engaged with the activities and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the aquarium.”

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