On the 27th April a team of volunteers from consultancy firm Huntswood visited The Maples and set to work on decorating and gardening at the service. The team painted both of the lounges in the Red Kites bungalow and re-created a sensory garden in the woods adjacent to the service.

At the end of the event some of the service users walked around the sensory garden followed by the volunteers who were proud of their achievements. Service Manager Vicky Pace said “We really appreciate having the volunteers at the Maples. The decorating has made such a difference and the service users are really engaging with the new sensory garden”.

Sue from Huntswood was pleased how the day went and said:

We felt really welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the task and being involved with such a worthy cause. It was great to get out of the office and do something completely different.

The Maples is a centre for the support and development of people with autism. We provide accommodation and support for adults, aged 18+, who are on the autism spectrum or show behaviours that indicate autism. We also support people with epilepsy, and individuals with complex needs who might challenge alternative services. Staff are trained to help service users achieve their aspirations and enjoy a high quality of life, and we respect each person's right to individual choice, dignity, independence and fulfilment.

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