Details on admission


Rehabilitation is mostly needed for thinking and memory problems, and the ability to carry out practical tasks. Individuals in this group may display behaviours of concern.


38% of people presented with this profile across our services

Type of brain injury

56% of people in this profile had sustained a traumatic brain injury, 14% had had a stroke and 30% had sustained another type of brain injury

Time since injury

56% of people were admitted within 0-6 months of their injury, 12% within 7-12 months and 23% over 12 months since their injury.

The average length of stay was 29 weeks.

Outcomes on discharge:

  • 64% required reduced levels of supervision on discharge.
  • 63% were discharged to a more independent living setting.
  • 58% showed a clinically significant improvement in social participation.

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Male service user going out for a walk