“After being in a serious car accident a year and half ago I was left with multiple injuries, that at the time in my eyes, were just physical wounds that would recover in time. What I was not yet aware of was the fact that in the accident I had acquired a hidden wound. Up until doing rehabilitation programs nearly 10 months ago, I was totally unaware to the fact that I had acquired a brain injury and the implications that it would have on my life. Over the next few months I would learn so much about what brain injuries are and soon came to learn exactly how having a brain injury can affect a person in a variety of ways.

"When I originally arrived at West Heath House, I resided at the main unit to undergo an assessment period, with Occupational Therapist's and Psychologists putting together a program for me to follow whilst staying there. I soon moved on to the Transitional living unit (TLU) and continued to carry on the necessary rehab that I needed in order to enter myself into society and start to piece parts of my life together. I continued to do what I had being doing at West Heath but by being in a smaller environment, was given the encouragement that I needed to start taking steps towards leaving.

West Heath House service user

"The TLU has many great qualities to it. The main benefit to being there for me was the fact it is a house, which gives you a feeling that you are at the final steps towards moving on. As well as this, the quiet environment in which you are able to transition in is a huge benefit, especially in my case where concentration was something that was now harder in loud environments.

"With staff that continued to support me there, I was able to continue any rehab that I needed but at a less intense level. For me this was great, as after spending the last seven months before moving there having intense rehab, it enabled me to gently ease out of relying on support at a high level. As well this I was given the necessary assessments so that I’d have any support I would need upon leaving, which makes me thankful that I was able to use the services that the TLU provide. With the help and support of staff whilst there, I was able to gain understanding and coping methods to manage my problems and doing so in the environment the TLU has to offer made it easier for me to ease out of needing high support at a gradual pace.

"Without the TLU being there when I needed it, I have to wonder how my rehab journey may have gone. Looking back on it now, I am able to see that with having the TLU there that it enabled me to transition so much easier than it might have been if I had transitioned without it. For anyone who is at the point of transitioning in their rehab journey, using the TLU is something I highly recommend. I feel it is a huge benefit to anyone transitioning and have to thank the TLU and West Heath House for helping me to be in the position that I am in at present.”

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