Yvonne recently moved home after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at Fen House. Yvonne wanted to thank the staff at Fen House and below she shares her experience of her time at the service.

My name is Yvonne and I arrived at Fen House on 2nd October 2018 after suffering a stroke on 31st July 2018, which affected my left side leg and arm.

In my opinion Fen House is amazing. I have been here seven weeks now. When I came I could not do anything apart from lay in bed. Now I can walk independently after coming here in a wheelchair. I can also cook for myself and make hot drinks. This is due to the help from the people at Fen House including support workers, physio and occupational therapists who work as a great team. Just as important, the people who work behind the scenes like the cooks, cleaners and maintenance men.

I am able to go shopping now and I also enjoy going to the art room to do crafts, bingo and word searches. They also have a gym where I used the exercise bike to strengthen my legs and arms. We also go out as a group to have coffee with other service users in the unit. We enjoy quiz nights together. I love it at Fen House. The people are like my second family, of course I can’t wait to get home, but I will miss the people here and all the staff.

I have had my tearful moments here but I have pulled through it with the help of the staff. I haven’t had a cigarette in 17 weeks and one of the support workers has given up too which has helped give me the determination to stay away from cigarettes.

If I won the lottery it would never be enough to repay everyone here for all the good work they do. They all put so much hard work into everyone like me, they are great. I can’t say thank you enough to Lisa who has been a big help to me.

There is still so much I want to do here, but I only have three more weeks. I could easily stay another 12 weeks but as I know, I’m getting better so someone else can have my bed and have the help they need like I did.

I will be ringing Fen House on the telephone when I get home because I will miss the people, the physio sessions and the trips out.

I really can’t thank Fen House enough.

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