Susie suffered a brain haemorrhage when she was 19. Now in her late fifties, the effects of her brain injury mean she is unable to live independently or manage her own finances, and is vulnerable to being exploited. Susie was living in unsuitable accommodation provided by her local authority, too far away for her family to provide day-to-day support. Susie’s family had spent many years advising the local authority of her needs associated with her brain injury.

Susie’s sister Angie heard about the Brain Injury Needs Indicator (BINI) through a colleague. Angie asked Susie’s support worker Katie to register to download the BINI in the hope that it could help Susie. Katie and Angie completed the form with Susie, then took the form to Susie’s GP, who completed the final section. Once all sections had been filled in, the BINI was sent to Susie’s local authority.

Within weeks of the BINI being sent off Susie received an offer of alternative accommodation from the local authority, closer to Angie and much more suited to her needs. Susie moved to sheltered housing with an on-site warden, where she has access to shops and leisure facilities and a new group of friends. Angie is now able to visit Susie much more frequently and help her with practical matters that Susie struggles with such as benefit forms. Angie told us about the positive difference the BINI has made to the whole family:

I hope that all local authorities start using the BINI to help people with brain injury like Susie.

Previously, I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to get help for Susie. It was awful being far away from her and worrying about her. I had spent years trying to get the local authority to give Susie the right support but they didn’t really understand about brain injury and how it can affect someone. When I first saw the BINI I knew exactly what to write, and it gave us an opportunity to really show how Susie struggles.

"The BINI made Susie’s vulnerability clear in a way that previous assessments hasn’t. I’m delighted that the local authority reacted so quickly when they received the BINI and sorted out her new housing. She absolutely loves her new home and I feel 100% better knowing she is living with people who care about her. I hope that all local authorities start using the BINI to help people with brain injury like Susie.”

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