Dr Sara da Silva Ramos, Research Fellow based at Kerwin Court in West Sussex, recently attended the International Brain Injury Association’s Eleventh World Congress to present new research by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust(BIRT).

Dr Ramos presented research findings on the Brain Injury Needs Indicator (BINI). The BINI is a free tool which was developed by The Disabilities Trust’s Policy and Campaigns and Clinical teams for use during an adult social care assessment to find out how well someone has recovered from their brain injury and to determine their level of risk.

The research presented by Dr Ramos was led by the Trust’s Clinical Director Dr Sue Copstick. The study investigated the relationship between outcome of brain injury, impaired self-awareness and risk for the individual, and used a composite score of outcome and self-awareness as an indicator of need.

Speaking after the conference, Dr Ramos commented: “The BINI uses two pre-existing and well validated clinical tools: the Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended to measure brain injury outcome, and Sherer and colleagues’ Awareness Questionnaire to look at the individual’s level of insight. Our research has demonstrated that a combination score drawn from these tools can be a simple way of obtaining an accurate estimate of a person’s level of risk.

The BINI is a valuable new resource, and we intend to gather further evidence to support its use and application. We hope local authorities will continue to adopt the BINI in their assessments of people with an acquired brain injury.”

The BINI was launched at the BIRT Conference in October 2015 and local authority social care assessors or those employed within a relevant NHS field can register now for their free download. Regular online training is available for registered professionals. More information about the BINI, including a short information video, is available online through the Trust’s new Brain Injury Library.

The biennial conference is the largest gathering of international professionals working in the field of brain injury, and more than 1000 delegates attended the event in the Hague from 2nd-5th March.

Download BINI conference poster