Our highly respected Director, Ann Buckler, has retired after working for BIRT and The Disabilities Trust for 24 years. Ann joined the Trust initially at Daniel Yorath House (DYH), Leeds, then commissioned BIRT’s Community Services, after which she returned to DYH where she spent several years as Service Manager. She was promoted to Divisional Manager of BIRT’s northern services, commissioned our unique service Goole Neurorehabilitation Centre and then became Director of the Disabilities Trust’s Quality
Assurance division.

She was appointed Director of BIRT in 2014 and through her extensive business acumen and knowledge of the neurobehavioural model, Ann has led BIRT through a difficult economic climate ensuring it remains at the forefront of an ever
more competitive marketplace.

She is renowned for her clear thinking, innovative approach and super sense of humour which has made her highly regarded and much loved by colleagues and service users alike.

Ann will be missed very much by her colleagues in BIRT, the Disabilities Trust and the wider brain injury world.