The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is proud to be one of the very few specialist brain injury providers which publishes its outcomes and we have now released The BIRT Outcome Report 2017. This data assists stakeholders in benchmarking for excellence in brain injury rehabilitation when choosing a provider.

The unique BIRT approach to outcomes evaluation has identified three profiles of individuals based on their clinical presentations and rehabilitation needs. This year's Outcome Report illustrates the positive change that we see in our service users between admission and discharge, in each of these clinical profiles.

Detailed information is in the full report but, as an example, it demonstrates that on discharge from BIRT's services:

  • 94% of individuals in Profile 1 (graphic right) moved on to independent or supported living
  • 86% of individuals in Profile 2 were engaged in occupational or recreational activity on discharge
  • More than half of service users in Profile 3 showed a clinically significant improvement in participation

The clinical profiles help us inform service users, family members and professionals about what to expect in terms of speed and extent of progress during rehabilitation. Our teams are working with commissioners to ensure service users received the most appropriate type and levels of rehabilitation and support.

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Download the BIRT outcome report 2017

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