Does your new year’s resolution feature a new health and fitness plan? If so, we want you to remember your brain in your 2018 regime. There’s proven evidence that a balanced diet and regular exercise can keep your brain healthy, as well as improving physical fitness and wellbeing.

People can keep their brain in mind by following these 6 easy tips:

1) Protection

Wearing a well-fastened helmet helps give you protection from head and brain injuries

2) Nutrition

A balanced diet can prevent age-related cognitive decline and help preserve brain function

3) Learning

Practising new skills will have a positive impact on your brain

4) Exercise

A daily brisk walk of one mile can change the size of your brain and improve memory

5) Mindfulness

Daily experiences of positive emotions build personal resources and increase wellbeing

6) Awareness

Chronic heavy drinking can make your brain shrink and drug use can affect your decisions

The tips are part of our ‘Show Your Brain Some Love’ campaign, featuring the cartoon character Birt. All the tips are underpinned by academic research – find out more via

Marie Claire Macintosh, BIRT’s Communications Manager said 'Most people don’t realise their brain needs to be exercised and protected. By showing your brain some love, it can make a long term and positive difference to your wellbeing.'

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