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The Eyes Alight appeal raises money for the people we support at our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) services. Set up by Izzy Judd, the appeal offers the service users experiences to make their eyes ‘light up’ with pleasure during rehabilitation.

Before Christmas, each service was allocated a proportion of the current donations and they liaised with the people they support to decide how they’d like the money to be spent. Consequently, BIRT service users have enjoyed many exciting activities, trips and purchases over the last few weeks and months.

There have been numerous meals out across the services to enjoy good food and quality time with family and friends. There have also been theatre trips to pantomimes and west-end shows. Some services have bought items for the people they support to enjoy such as sewing machines, bikes and a Wii console, which are giving people the opportunity to regain old skills, as well as learn new ones.

Jo Smith, Kent House Service Manager, summed up the gratitude that everybody at BIRT would like to express to Izzy: “We cannot emphasise enough our appreciation. In addition to raising two young children and leading exceptionally busy lives, Izzy and Harry never cease to show their appreciation for BIRT services. Eyes Alight is a wonderful initiative which has aided us in transforming the lives of so many by injecting some additional pleasures to service users’ rehabilitation experience.”

Find out how each service spent their Eyes Alight appeal money.

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