The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) welcomes Irwin Mitchell’s educational mini-series 'Getting Life Back on Track', and particularly the latest episode on Neuropsychological Assessments in which Dr Quinn (pictured right) explains how someone with a head or brain injury may need one of these assessments to look at the consequences of the injury on their behaviour, as well as their health and well being.


Dr Andrew James, Consultant Clinical Neurospychologist at Daniel Yorath House, BIRT’s neurobehavioural centre in Leeds, said ‘Dr Quinn provides an informative explanation of what a neuropsychological assessment is all about, stripping away the confusing jargon and communicating complex ideas with eloquence.’

BIRT proactively helps health and social care professionals to increase their knowledge of brain injury and associated issues through a range of free educational resources and events as well as The BIRT Conference 2015 and is fully supportive of this Irwin Mitchell initiative.

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