Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries has completely transformed the first floor of the Science Museum, based in London, creating a magnificent new home for the most significant medical collections in the world. Three thousand medical artefacts from the extraordinary collections of Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum Group have gone on permanent public display in the world’s largest space dedicated to the history of medicine.

The Roads to Recovery participation project, located within the Medicine & Treatments gallery, worked with six people across our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust services where they shared their journeys after sustaining brain injuries.

On display are objects they each selected that represented their journey after a brain injury, with a personalised message to accompany each of their objects, and a group object of ‘get well soon cards’. As well as this, some of the group, co-created and took part in a film entitled ‘Roads to Recovery’, tracing their journey from their first recollection of being in hospital, through to the highs and lows of rehabilitation, to their hopes for the future.

The aim of the participation project is to provide visitors with a personal insight into the holistic components involved in rehabilitation following a brain injury.

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