Earlier this month our annual campaign 'Show Your Brain Some Love' took place to coincide with Action for Brain Injury week. The campaign ran from 14th to 20th May highlighting how and why it is important to keep your brain healthy. It focused on six top tips for showing your brain some love based on academic, peer-reviewed research: protection, nutrition, learning, exercise, mindfulness and awareness.

An array of activities were held across BIRT services to celebrate the week. Up in Glasgow there was a full week of activities which meant there was something enjoyable for just about everyone! Service users got creative designing their own t-shirts and baseball hats, there were board games and quizzes, virtual bowling, interactive horse racing and themed lunches each day. There was a smoothie afternoon, in which people not only learned about the benefits of good nutrition on the brain, but also produced some delicious drinks. Service users created individual timelines to reminisce on their journeys.

At Daniel Yorath House in Leeds there were sessions of Zumba, as well as a music night. Those taking part thoroughly enjoyed moving to the music and looking after their brains. In Liverpool, service users were showing their brain some love at a breakfast group, in which they fuelled up for the day ahead with a healthy balanced breakfast.

At Kerwin Court people took part in a Healthy Activities Afternoon. In preparation for the afternoon, staff and service users gathered together to discuss things that are beneficial to the brain based on the six top tips such as sport, relaxation and laughter. The art group then used these ideas to create a poster. The afternoon itself was filled with activities based on their discussions, such as dancing, joke-telling, football and healthy snacks prepared by the baking group.

In addition to the celebrations held at services, this year we wanted to know how the public shows their brains some love. We asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to check out our six top tips and to create a short video of themselves showing what they do to keep their brain healthy. We saw some fantastic videos, from dog walkers in the sunshine to skateboarders showing off some tricks whilst wearing helmets! Thank you to everyone who submitted videos using #FromMyBrainToYours.