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The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is a charity leading the way in brain injury rehabilitation across the UK.

Featured in the latest issue of Brain Injury News, Dr Sue Copstick, Director of Clinical Services, introduces Duncan and Gary, who the charity has supported into volunteering roles, enabling them to make progress with their rehabilitation and engage within their communities.

Gary, 44, came to Daniel Yorath House in February 2015, from the rehabilitation ward of a local hospital. He’d had a stroke when he was 42 and his aim was to return to the flat where he’d lived before his injury. His rehabilitation programme was built around the neurobehavioural approach with combined psychology.

Duncan, 39, came to Graham Anderson House in Glasgow in 2012. He’d sustained a brain injury when he was 17 and had been living with his family. He’d had several rehabilitation placements which had failed because of his challenging behaviour. More than 17 years after his original injury, BIRT was able to support Duncan to progress with rehabilitation, helping him develop valuable volunteering roles and give his time and skills.

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