The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is delighted to have been involved in a new Louis Theroux documentary for the BBC about brain injury which is set to show how individuals and their families come to terms with this life-changing condition.

Often called a 'hidden disability’ because those affected can show little physical signs of change, people with acquired brain injury (ABI) face enormous cognitive, behavioural and personality challenges. Rehabilitation helps them to reconstruct who they are - from relearning the basics of walking, talking and eating, to adapting to changes in personality and behaviour, often under the shadow of who they once were. Family members are caught between grieving for the loved one they’ve lost and learning to love the person they are now.

Full details about the documentary will be posted on our website closer to broadcast. In the meantime please check out our Brain Injury Library to find out more about these injuries; also check out our Guide to Living for Adults with a Brain Injury.

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