Louis Theroux with Amanda in The Woodmill

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is delighted to be at the heart of a brand new Louis Theroux documentary: 'A Different Brain' for BBC Two. The programme is about brain injury and the rehabilitation journey, showing how people and their families come to terms with this life-changing condition.

This year BIRT is proud to be celebrating 25 years as the charity leading brain injury rehabilitation across the UK through its network of 15 centres. We welcome this opportunity to boost awareness of brain injury and the effect it has on individuals and their families. Brain injury is non-discriminatory - it can affect anyone at any age, from any background, at any time.

Over 70 hours of filming took place to create the one hour documentary: 'A Different Brain', which the BBC team handled with great sensitivity. The men and women and the staff at the services were delighted to have been involved. The film gives a snapshot of the months of background work that goes into the rehabilitation process by a range of our expert staff and specialists, including clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, support workers, speech and language therapists and many others.

The Louis Theroux documentary ‘A Different Brain’ is due to be broadcast on Sunday 15th May 2016 at 9pm on BBC Two and will be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards for a limited amount of time. Two BIRT centres were featured in the filming, Redford Court (see Natalie with Louis above) in Liverpool and Daniel Yorath House in Leeds. Amanda, who underwent rehabilitation at The Woodmill - BIRT’s centre in Cullompton in Devon, was also featured, along with her family.

Brain injury is often referred to as a 'hidden disability’ because although those affected sometimes show few physical signs of change, they can face enormous cognitive, behavioural and personality challenges. Rehabilitation helps them to reconstruct who they are - from relearning the basics of walking, talking and eating, to adapting to and finding new ways to deal with changes in memory, judgement and behaviour. Family members are often caught between grieving for the loved one they’ve lost and learning to love the person they are now.

Interested in learning more about brain injury? Take a look at our virtual brain injury library. More information about Louis Theroux's documentary 'A Different Brain'will be available on our website on the evening of broadcast.

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