In 2002 Geraint sustained a brain injury from falling down stairs at his home. As a result, he underwent a frontal lobotomy as well as a cranioplasty before being discharged from hospital.

Three years later Geraint was admitted to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) service, The Woodmill, in Cullompton, Devon and then moved into community services in Exeter. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful due to the fact that he struggled to tolerate the behaviours of the others with whom he lived.

It was decided, in discussions with Geraint, that he would benefit from living in Community flats in Sunderland which could provide the level of independence as well as the support he needed as they had built a reputation of continued rehabilitation while encouraging and maintaining independence. Geraint did exceptionally well in his time at St. Barnabas but was going through a difficult time in his personal life and the nature of his ABI prevented him recognising and controlling behaviours that left him vulnerable.

Again, in consultation with Geraint, It was decided that he would benefit from a short spell in a service that could clinically monitor the introduction of medication and provide interventions that could be monitored 24 hrs per day, so he moved to BIRT’s York House, where he stayed for a short time, successfully continuing with rehabilitation. He moved on to Daniel Yorath House which is one of BIRT’s specialist assessment and rehabilitation centres. In 2010, after two years, Geraint had made such good progress that he was able to move back into a community setting with BIRT in York, where he still lives.


He continues to have support from BIRT, whether it’s to go to doctor’s appointments or to start new activities. Gerant has been to a number of concerts over the years with staff which he enjoys as he likes going to places with the them as well as independently. He also has assistance with shopping and cooking. The latter to ensure that he maintains a healthy, balanced diet.

Gerant has made amazing progress as a result of having support from BIRT and is now very independent. He has an active social life within the church and choir community. He volunteers with the church, in his local British Heart Foundation shop and at a garden centre. Twice a week he goes on a health walk and has built friendships with all the others who take part. All these activities take place on set days each week, so GT has a good routine that he knows well which enhances his wellbeing.

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