Dr Catriona McIntosh has returned to work for the Trust as a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at Daniel Yorath House, our specialist neurobehavioural centre with transitional living options delivering assessment and rehabilitation in Leeds.

Catriona tells us more about herself, her role and what it means to her to work for the Trust.

I was very pleased to be accepted for this position as I am passionate about the way The Disabilities Trust supports people with community focused rehabilitation, with goals that matter to them as an individual. As I previously worked at Daniel Yorath House for seven years it was an easy decision to return to work here as it’s a great team of people to work with.

Working jointly on goals

My role involves direct work with the residents to support their cognitive and emotional needs as well as supporting the unit as a whole. I collaborate with the managers and the therapy team to ensure that the team are working jointly on goals to try to minimise the impact of a brain injury and help them re-engage in the life they want.

A major refurbishment is planned for Daniel Yorath House and it is going to be an exciting time developing the service to meet modern needs. I’m also looking forward to working with commissioners on how the unit can continue to meet current demands in a changing health climate as rehabilitation services need to flexible.

Raising awareness of Brain Injury

Recently I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Irwin Mitchell seminar on Wednesday 30th June about assessing sexual capacity given the recent changes to the law in relation to sexual capacity and supporting clients who wish to access sex workers. For anyone who would like to sign up for the talk visit http://events.irwinmitchell.com/neuropsychologyconferenceseries

It’s a good opportunity to showcase some of the work our team are doing on a client’s rehabilitation around her sexual needs. I hope to roll out this work more widely in the Trust and I am currently collaborating with the TLC Trust on raising awareness of the needs of people with brain injury in this area".