Daniel Yoarth House service user training with support worker

A service user at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's Daniel Yorath House (DYH) has been showing just what can be accomplished whilst undergoing therapy and rehabilitation.

Lee has been rehabilitating from his severe brain injury for 27 months, the first year of which he was unable to speak, eat, or walk. He still uses a wheelchair for most of his mobility, but during the last nine months here at Daniel Yorath House he has been going from strength to strength engaging in a tailored fitness programme, and is now able to walk up and down stairs, and walk with crutches.

“The part of his physio that has really inspired and engaged him is the punch pad work (pictured) which he had an interest in before. Not only has he been increasing his stamina and fitness in a supported standing position, but can also use it as a safe outlet for his frustration and excess energy which can be a problem for him.” Alexandra Higgs, Senior Physiotherapist at DYH.

Lee’s other interests include a passion for music and he has a real musical talent that has been harnessed by his DYH’s Music Therapist Richard Bennett. They have worked together to produce a music video, featuring a live performance of the song that Lee wrote himself, supported by Richard and some musician friends. The song is Lee’s story of recovery, and is interspersed with video footage of his incredible progress of walking and his first home visit where he was able to walk across the threshold and see his dogs!

Director of BIRT Ann Buckler is delighted with the work “The video is amazing and is testimony to the work Lee and the team at DYH have put in to make such a success."

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