Luke was in his final year at university when he experienced a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident. After 10 weeks in hospital, where he was also treated for injuries to his chest and legs, Luke was admitted to Fen House for an intensive period of assessment and rehabilitation. Whilst at Fen House, Luke's rehabilitation focused on enabling him to develop strategies and skills to accommodate and increase his awareness of his physical and cognitive difficulties. This in turn enabled him to improve his overall levels of independence within daily activities.

This was achieved through an inter-disciplinary approach which concentrated on Luke's main goal of returning to university to complete his degree. With the support of the Fen House team and his university tutors, Luke graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Musical Technology.

Luke went to live at home with his family and he ran the London Marathon in aid of Fen House to say thank you for being instrumental in his journey to recovery. Luke's journey is just one illustration of how the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's (BIRT) specialist services have enabled someone with brain injury to reintegrate back into their community. Luke now is employed as a support worker at Fen House, where he can draw on his own experience of brain injury and rehabilitation.

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