Assistive Technology for Cognition: A handbook for clinicians and developers co-edited by Dr Brian O’Neill and Dr Alex Gillespie, systematically examines how cutting edge digital technologies can assist the cognitive function of people who have cognitive impairments, with the potential to revolutionise rehabilitation. Technologies are reviewed which direct attention, remind, recognise, prompt and generally guide people through activities of daily living.

Written by experts in neuropsychology and technology development, Assistive Technology for Cognition provides a comprehensive overview of the efficacy of technologies to assist people with brain impairments. Published by Psychology Press

The launch will be at the Yudowitz Theatre, Wolfson Building, University Avenue, 6-8pm on 20.2.15. If you would like to attend please contact to book a place.

Come and hear the authors live:

Co-author Dr Brian O’Neill, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Graham Anderson House, and contributing authors are presenting a symposium on Assistive Technology for Cognition: An Introduction at the BIRT Conference 2015