Dr Brian O’Neill, Consultant Psychologist at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's (BIRT) Graham Anderson House recently attended the International Neuropsychology Society (INS) in Sydney Australia where he shared innovative rehabilitation approaches with the international community.

When our services develop innovative rehabilitation approaches, it is a our duty to share the findings so that the quality of rehabilitation improves over time. Our attendance at conference is a means of sharing our good practice and learning from experts from around the World” said Dr O’Neill.

Dr O’Neill also attended the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation conference of the World Federation of Neurorehabiliation on Daydream Island on July 6thand 7th July.

Both meetings featured good amounts of high quality rehabilitation research and focused on sessions such as; errorless learning, perception of facial expression of emotions, treatments for emotional disorders after brain injury and behaviours of concern and brain injury in offender populations.

The INS session Dr O’Neill chaired was on the use of technologies to enable activities of daily living in those with memory and executive function impairments. From discussions at the INS meeting, Dr O’Neill was able to establish that face recognition of emotion is an important mediating factor in neurobehavioural disability and that effective treatment for anxiety and depression post brain injury need large scale studies.

Dr O’Neill stated “Rehabilitation quality is being improved over time due to the efforts of our research colleagues.”