As part of the extension works at Graham Anderson House, our specialist neurobehavioural assessment and post-acute rehabilitation hospital in Glasgow, a gym area, family room and consultation room has been built. The work was funded through legacy donations and Danny in the maintenance team spent the week tirelessly building and installing £8,000 worth of gym equipment.

Lauren Colley, Physiotherapist tells us:

“The new gym is an outstanding facility which will not only enhance our treatment options as Physiotherapists but will enhance the people we support rehabilitation experiences. This space supports in the exploration of different types of exercise in a fun way for improving their mental and physical health. We are extremely excited to introduce this facility to the people we support and achieve its potential to encourage and facilitate regular physical activity throughout the rehabilitation process”.

The new gym

The gym will be overseen by the physiotherapy team with Ulrike Zeller, our senior Physiotherapist, taking the lead.

There are so many benefits, for the people we support, having this new facility. It will enable the physiotherapists to treat and rehabilitate them more effectively and rebuild their strength. It also allows them to keep active and fit which has an established link to improved mood and mental health and help maintain a healthy weight. Too often in hospital, people put on weight as it is a relatively sedentary period of time in their lives, the gym will aid us in preventing this.

In addition, for the individuals that are not ready for community access or to be in a public gym, they now have onsite access giving everyone the same opportunities for fitness and exercise.

The impressive new equipment includes:

· A water rower, that uses actual water to provide the resistance

· A recumbent bike

· A folding treadmill to allow for more space when needed

· A power rack with pulley system

· Rack and pulley system

· Olympic bar and weighted disks

· Dumbbells and kettlebells

· Gym mats

Danny from the maintenance team

The new gym

The outdoor gym

A facelift for the family room

As part of the building works, the family room has been renovated, including new furniture, which is made it a really pleasant room to use. Typically, the room is used for families when they bring children up to visit, or if they wish to have a meal with their families and relax in an area other than their room.

A new consultation room

A former office has been converted into the consultation room. It’s primary role will be for a quiet and tranquil setting for residents to have one to one sessions or chats with their clinical team or nurse. It can also be used as a meeting room when needed and will double up as a second room that families can use for visiting.

The renovated family room and the addition of a new consultation room will be of great benefit to the staff and the people we support at Graham Anderson House.

The family room

The consultation room