John first became known to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) services in July 1994. He was admitted to Kent House following a fall, which subsequently required neurosurgical intervention. Using BIRT's neurobehavioural rehabilitation model, and with the aid of dedicated staff that specialise in acquired brain injury, John has worked very hard to attain his current level of functioning.

Kent House service user John standing in front of bookshelves in a library

A highly structured programme, incorporating cooking, shopping, laundry duties and daily household chores, has enabled John to live with considerable independence in a bungalow at Kent House. After many years of rehabilitation, the supportive framework provided by Kent House has now enabled John to enjoy a busy lifestyle within the local community. Held in high regard by his peers and work colleagues alike, John is employed by four separate organisations and performs a variety of paid and unpaid types of employment.

John concedes that he is no longer a 'spring chicken'. Kent House can be a home for life for individuals like John and accommodation can be adapted to best suit his needs and, as with everyone, these may change over time.

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