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Located near Horsham in West Sussex, Kerwin Court is a specialist neurobehavioural rehabilitation centre for people with acquired brain injury (ABI). Opened in 2007, it offers a modern, comfortable and superbly equipped environment for rehabilitation. It forms part of the nationwide network of rehabilitation support services provided by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.

About Kerwin Court

Kerwin Court specialises in the assessment and rehabilitation of people with an acquired brain injury and complex needs including physical, cognitive, behavioural and / or emotional difficulties, including physical or verbal aggression, impaired social functioning and disinhibited behaviour.

Specialist rehabilitation is based on a neurobehavioural approach and focused on enabling service users to function more independently, develop their lives as they choose and participate in as many of their previous roles and activities as possible.

We aim to guide service users through the entire process of rehabilitation, as well as offering support, education and continuing help to their families, carers and friends. We actively promote the involvement of families in the rehabilitation process, and home leave is encouraged wherever possible.


In 2020/2021, Kerwin Court admitted 23 individuals following an acquired brain injury (ABI).

  • 65% were male.
  • 26% had sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  • 26% had other forms of ABI (such as hypoxic brain injury, infection and toxic injury), and
  • 48% had a stroke.
  • The average time since injury was four months.

In 2020/2021 Kerwin Court discharged 24 people.

  • The average length of stay was 22 weeks.
  • On discharge:

89% needed only part time or no supervision

84% moved on to supported or independent living.

67% improved in at least three areas of intervention*

*The areas of intervention are: level of supervision needed, moving to an independent living setting, engaging in employment/leisure activities, abilities, adjustment, and social participation.

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